martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

Snow in London

As you know last week snowed in London Town and with our surprise it reappeared our child spirit. All the town was full of snow and  snowmen in every corner. Here you have one in Mayfair.

There were no buses, no people and airports and shops were closed. We realized it was difficult to get a walk around the city from the first step. Albert did it well and chose a pair of Marc Jacobs wellingtons. In my case, I put on a pair of leather mocassins and you can imagine how destroyed they finished.  

We did a snowballs fight with some english friends in the Green Park  and also we killed a snowman. Could  it have been funniest?

... things that happen in London Town.


3 comentarios:

Albert dijo...

Aiiiis que actualizacion mes maca!


david gómez dijo...

estoy en ello!estoy en ello!
pero son estan estampadas en frontal!!

probare con lateral


Cris M. dijo...

Venga va, si tienes q elegir una amiga a quién comprarle esos zapatos ya sabes a quién será, amigas amigas, tienes muy pocas, y creo q yo me lo merezco mas q nadie... ;)