miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

My first summer day

Here I am, just arrived to London and doing what I like the most, sitting in the park. I have to say how nasty was my flight today, the plane was full of british children, on average aged 3-4 years, crying and shouting all the fuc**ng time, all my way to London was a drama. Then 4 more hours to get to Central because of the rush hour and problems with the bus stops, reason why I was dropped in Victoria instead of Marble Arch. Summarily, 8 hours from Barcelona to Westminster. I have beaten a new record, congratulations to me.

By the way, tomorrow I am flying, again, to Ireland to spend some days with my boy. I love the idea of stepping the emerald island for the very first time. Getting ready for my just arrived summer, one more week and I'll be lying on a beautiful beach in Lanzarote. So looking forward to it.


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