miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Thames Barrier Park

"I love East as I love West"

The major purpose of this blog is to show differents corners of this huge city called London, where I am currently living. It is not enough just trying to find those things we have heard before or watched in movies, the spirit lays in the unusual common places for londoners. They have always been there even if they hadn't been shot before. I love when Albert takes me to this "special" places. We had such a great day out when we went to the London Thames Barrier Park, in the far east London, beyond the Docklands, close to London City Airport, the entrance or exit to the City, whatever it is the point of view.

London is for cold what LA is for hot, so I enjoy pretty much the cool wind that confronts my face early in the morning. Sometimes I wish living next to the river to cross it on my way to work. Days off are meant to be that.

"I love East as I love West"


2 comentarios:

Yulo dijo...

me gusta tanto la gente que siente a Lady Gaga!!! idola totall, buenisimo tu blog, ya un clasico para mi saludoss desde Bs As

Cris M. dijo...

q miedo ese río alborotado.. por cierto dile a albert q en vez de tanto balenciaga y cía os podríais regalar para navidad una buena cámara...